New brand Aquas offers European-quality shower products

Innovative shower products by Swiss designers

Whether you’re buying a new TV, pair of jeans or car, we know you want nothing but the best. Aquas was created to bring you the best in showers. We offer Swiss designed shower products that are durable, innovative and aesthetically pleasing.

Designed by innovators with 25 years of experience in the shower industry, our products are one of a kind. We offer a unique all-in-one shower and water heater and our X Jet breaks boundaries with a patented cross spray technology that is the first of its kind.

What’s more, our products look stunning. They are designed to impress, and compliment your unique and classy style. Of course, there’s much more to Aquas than meets the eye. Every brand has a story, and ours is no different. Here’s why we’re passionate about developing the most beautiful, innovative shower products on market.


The idea of Aquas was first conceived by the company’s founder, Stefan Nikles, while showering under a waterfall in Switzerland. The refreshing cascade inspired in Stefan the idea to create a shower that replicates the feeling of a waterfall, and it became his mission to recreate this experience in your very own home shower. From this idea, a whole new line of innovative shower products was born.

Today, on the launch of Aquas, we are thrilled that you’re here. We designed our products just for you, so you can experience the best shower products imaginable.

We invite you to explore our product offerings and reimagine your idea of shower.