Transform your shower into a waterfall with X Jet

How X Jet creates the ultimate cascade spray

Soft yet invigorating. Powerful yet relaxing. If you’ve showered under a waterfall, you know how cascade water can produce this feeling. And the X Jet shower is designed to recreate this experience. But how does it do this?

X Jet uses a patented cross spray system composed of 24 individual spray nozzles. These nozzles
are paired together forming 12 cascade water outlets, each producing two streams of water that collide before touching your skin. As the water collides it breaks the individual streams into dozens of smaller streams, forming a cascade spray that washes over you, much like a waterfall.

You’ll also notice the circular opening in the middle of the X Jet showerhead. This was designed purposely. As the water sprays from the 12 cascade outlets, air is sucked through the opening by the force of water shooting from the nozzles. This creates a powerful spray that infuses water with air.

Of course, we know design is important to you. That’s why we’ve crafted each X Jet shower with the most sleek, breathtaking design possible.

We invite you to see its beautiful design and innovative spray in the video below.