Water Sense USA Certificate

WaterSenseis a partnership program established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with the goal of promoting water efficiency and sustainability. The WaterSenselabel is a certification program that identifies and promotes products that are water efficient and perform well.

The WaterSensecertification program verifies that a product meets strict criteria for water efficiency and performance, and that it has been independently tested and verified by a third-party laboratory. The products that receive the WaterSenselabel are tested to be at least 20% more efficient than standard products, without sacrificing performance.

By obtaining the WaterSenselabel, the manufacturer demonstrates that their product is water efficient and helps to conserve water resources. The WaterSenselabel provides assurance to customers and building owners that the product will help to reduce water usage and promote sustainability.

The WaterSenselabel is widely recognized in the United States and is an important factor in the purchasing decisions of many customers who are looking for water-efficient products. The WaterSenselabel is a symbol of trust and confidence for consumers and is considered a reliable indicator of water efficiency and performance.