ICC-PMG Product Certificate

The ICC-ES PMG (International Code Council Evaluation Service -Prefabricated Modular Construction) Product Plumbing Certificate is a type of certification that verifies the quality and performance of prefabricated plumbing products used in modular construction projects. This certificate is issued by ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), a leading evaluation and certification organization in the construction industry.

The ICC-ES PMG Product Plumbing Certificate indicates that the plumbing product has been tested and meets the applicable building codes and standards for plumbing systems. This certificate provides assurance to architects, engineers, builders, and building owners that the plumbing product is suitable for its intended use and offers a level of quality and safety that is essential for building projects.

By obtaining an ICC-ES PMG Product Plumbing Certificate, the manufacturer demonstrates that their plumbing product has been evaluated and meets the requirements for safety, quality, and performance in the plumbing industry. The certificate provides a level of confidence to those involved in the building process and helps to ensure that the plumbing system will function properly and safely in the finished building.