7 ways to make a small bathroom bigger

Your bathroom is your sanctuary. It’s a quiet place where you can escape from the noise and pressures of everyday life. It’s where you ready yourself for the day and relax under a soothing, hot shower after work. But not all of us are blessed with huge bathrooms. So when you’re stuck with a small space, what can you do? Is there any way to make it bigger without busting down walls? Here’s 7 ideas to make your bathroom look and feel larger.

1. Whiten up the space
The color white is known to make spaces not only seem larger, but also feel more light and airy. So if you want the appearance of a bigger bathroom, add a couple coats of white paint to your walls.

And if you want to open up the space even more, consider adding a window to let more natural light in. For those who have privacy concerns, you can install a skylight or drape your windows with sheer curtains for a more affordable option

2. Switch to a sliding door
In a small bathroom, an inward opening door can make you feel like you’re walking into a cramped closet. If you have the budget, consider swapping your traditional door for a sliding one. It will immediately give you a bigger sense of space.

3. Use a clear glass door or curtain for your shower
For some, the shower curtain or door can be a touchy subject. Some people like theirs opaque because it gives a sense of additional privacy. With that said, most of the time when you shower, you’re likely alone in the bathroom. So if space is a bigger concern, is an opaque shower separator necessary?

Consider how an opaque shower door or curtain can nearly cut your bathroom space in half. Of course, adding a clear divider only gives the appearance of a larger space. But for many people with a small bathroom, a larger appearance can make the space feel more relaxing for yourself and guests.

4. Add mirrors
Just like a clear glass door for your shower, mirrors can add the illusion that your bathroom is bigger than it really is. Not only will they amplify the natural light, but they’ll also give the room more depth. To maximize the appearance of space in your bathroom, lean a full-length mirror up against the wall or, if you have the budget, turn an entire wall into a mirror.

5. Rid the room of clutter
The more items in the bathroom, the less space you’ll have. So get rid of as much clutter as you can, and you’ll immediately feel less claustrophobic in your bathroom. If you have a lot of pictures on your walls, try hanging just one instead of a half dozen. Also, reduce the amount of towels you keep in your bathroom and store all your beauty products and toiletries in one area, instead of spread out around the room.

6. Swap out large furniture
If your bathroom is filled with big, bulky fixtures, no wonder it feels small. To remedy the problem, simply swap out the furniture with alternate items that take up less space. One idea is to try a pedestal sink. Not only is it likely smaller than your current one, but it’ll take up little space on the floor and therefore create the appearance of a bigger bathroom.

7. Consider recessed shelves
Protruding shelves take up more space and can create a cluttered feeling; however, many people forget there’s another option: recessed shelves. Instead of protruding outward, this type of shelf is built inward, as part of the wall.

If you don’t want to spend the time and money on creating recessed shelves, you can also opt for open shelves, which allow you see straight through to the wall. For example, your sink could sit atop an open shelf, which will make the space seem larger as you’ll now be able to see your entire bathroom from wall to wall.

The one rule to follow for a bigger bathroom
All of the above recommendations, with the exception of possibly adding mirrors, follow a similar theme: minimalism. When you want a bigger space, always think of how you can minimize items in the bathroom and create the illusion of more space. Not only will a minimalist approach to your bathroom make it look bigger, but it will also give it a modern, chic feel.

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